Welcome to Northants JMs (Johns Motors) Netball Club! This club has been running for about 25 years and competing in the local leagues at both junior and senior levels.

The name “Northants JMs”  was constructed using the very first Sponsor “Johns Motors” Initials as we were keen to keep our original identity but also wanted to make the name more current and up to date. Johns Motors is still very much a sponsor and has supported us over the 30 years of existence.

Northants JMs obtained CAPS Clubmark accredited status in 2006 and has never looked back.

What is CAPS? – CAPS is an accreditation by England Netball and the Local Authority, which assesses the clubs on Key performance Indicators such as; set-up, child protection, equipment and facilities.

Northants JMs has a reputation of being a club that works hard and plays hard both on and off the court and our key desire is to maintain and grow the club for all abilities and age groups!

We have teams for all age groups and abilities and our junior section is lucky enough to have a  three “County Excel ” coaches Stacey Poole, Kelly Washington & Yvonne Blunt, who are actively involved in the coaching of talented players within the East Midland region.

We are very proud of club history and have seen some real success at both individual and team levels. We have various players who are actively involved in the Junior County & Regional Excel Program – with the promise of some future Super league stars I am sure.

We accommodate both those that just want to compete locally and have some fun, and also those people that would like a more competitive match within the division 2 of the regional league.

This is both exciting and challenging times for Northants JMs! There is lots of work that happens behind the scenes by volunteers to help try and make this club successful and any help and support is always welcomed!