Friars JMs

Winners of the
Marion Smith

for the last two
years running!

The Team

Friars JMs

Rachel Durman C (Captain)

Alisha Noble C/WA/WD


Megan Conlan-Bibby WA

Shian Tippett WA

Chloe Sturgess GA

Erin Moore GA/WA

Aimie Pearson GS

Jade Dunton GS

Natasha Line GS

Kaylee Jackson WA/WD

Lisa Kaitano GA/WD


Gabrielle McIIroy WD/WA

Lauren Dunton WD

Ellie Holland WD

Gemma Murphy WD

Charlotte Evans GD/GK

Tamsin MacKenzie GK

Tina Smith GD


Redwell Leisure Centre, Wellingborough
£3 per session

team captain

Rachel Durman

If you would like to come and play for us come and see us or contact us on 07780 007 709 or email