Wellingborough Netball League @ Weavers Sports Centre

DATE: 18/09/14

Starting the season I think we were all a bit sluggish and I was trying out a new player in a new position and at the end of the first quarter the score was 6-5 to us. I gritted my teeth, and with a tiny little pep talk that went something like “Shall we start now?” came on court. I moved the team around a bit and then we really got going.

After scoring just 6 in the first quarter, we scored 21 in the second, and 26 in Q3 and Q4 – that’s more like it!! I’m not sure that GB Rookies were too happy about it and by the end GS Dee was moaning that her arms were aching with all the shooting, but I was delighted with the result! Even though as GA I was nearly on my knees by the end of the game! Really do need to get fitter!!

79 – 7

Next match is against Royals, so will definitely need to be on top form for that!

And Happy 60th Birthday to Gill!

My player of the match: Lauren for ‘THAT’ amazing pass as WD straight into Dee in the shooting circle. Awesome.

Written by captain Trudie Avery