JMs U16 Pink

Northampton League

20 November 2011 – JMs U16 Pink V JMs U16 Blue

Todays game ( 20th Nov ) saw the two JMs u16 teams play against each other, the pinks and the blues.

The game began with the Pinks being first out of the blocks. Accurate passes around the centre court saw the ball flow into the circle for the shooters  to bury their chances, which they did to their credit ( 51 in all ).

At the other end of the court the defence was once again very strong and not letting much get passed them. Although the final score shows the pinks to be the stronger, it has to be said that the blues played some lovely netball .

This game was played with great sportsmanship between the TWO best teams in the league. Well done to both teams.

Final score 21-12.

Written by team manager Fiona Mawby