Regional Division 1 – Northants JMs v TFC


Division 1

Sunday (23/09/12) saw newly-promoted Northants JMs 2nd game of the season in the East Midlands Regional League Division 1. The squad fielded just seven players – enough to cover every position – so hard work was needed by all to compete in this match.

The first few minutes saw TFC score eight unanswered goals. However with real guts and determination, Northants JMs’ players rallied to make the quarter score a credible 10-16 in TFC’s favour. JMs were positive going into the second quarter but much more fluency and a stronger defensive display from TFC meant that JMs struggled with their passing in the attacking third. JMs increasingly struggled to retain possession of the ball, which resulted in a 19-34 deficit after the first half.

The third quarter brought positional changes for JMs players as they looked for inspiration on court. The moves proved highly successful with JMs winning the quarter 11-7, meaning they were only nine goals behind (combined score 30-41). However, with no fresh legs to keep the momentum going in the fourth quarter, it was almost inevitable that JMs’ players would tire. TFC won the match with a final scoreline of 36-53. However, credible performances throughout most of the game and especially from a very determined JMs’ Player of the Match, Chantee Lewis, means that Northants have every reason to be optimistic in this new division.