JMs Pink

Northampton League

10 March 2011 – JMs Pink V Ashmore

1st quarter
Ashmore started the match with a handicap lead 14-0. As with all these handicap matches, we faced a huge challenge. JMs Blues players and positions: Naomi North(GK/GD), Trudy Avery(GD/GK), Louise Brookes(WD/WA), Amanda Walker(C/WA), Lauren Kelly(WA/C), Mona Noel(GA/GS), Chloe Mortimer(GS/GA) and Honor Drummond(WD). It was a good first quarter for both sides with goals flowing into the nets, and great passes and defending,
Score: The quarter ended 24-12 to Ashmore.

2nd quarter
This would turn out to be our best quarter played throughout the match. JMs took over the match by stopping Ashmore’s flow of play. We tightened up on our defence making it difficult for Ashmore to feed their very good shooters. While on the other hand Asmore’s defence were having problems keeping up with our attacking players, which allowed our shooters to capitalize with shot after shot. It was turning out to be a lovely game to play and watch with excitement.
Score: The second half ended on 33-30 to Ashmore. JMs scoring 18 goals to be 3 behind.

3rd quarter
We were very proud starting this quarter being only 3 goals behind, but could we sustain the pressure we had put on Ashmore in the second quarter. Only time would tell as Ashmore started this quarter with a different game plan. It was back to goal for goal. Ashmore were certainly not in any way going to give up their lead, so JMs Blues had to pressure them into errors, and our methods were working
Score: The quarter ended 44-40 to Ashmore.

Final quarter
We had a emotional team talk before starting this last quarter. We decided that this match was ours to win, and that we were going to win. We decided to make every pass we made count using the method of possession, and very tight defending. This was paying off as Ashmore were begining to lose the plot. JMs Blues went into the lead with a feeling of delight and great enthusiasm. Ashmore slowly drifted behind and we continued to pile on the pressure. All JMs players played fantastic netball, and not forgetting our positive supporters urging us on. Ashmore were great opponents as usual.
Score: The final score was 52-47 to JMs Blues.